Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Investigative reports could put KCKCC basketball in hot water

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com 

At a time when KCKCC men’s basketball has achieved great things on the court, two investigative stories about the basketball program could put the wrong type of attention on it.

Curtis Kitchen, a former staffer at 810 WHB and current contributor to 610 Sports, has written two lengthy stories about the men’s basketball program at KCKCC.

Story one alleges KCKCC head coach Jon Oler paid the rent of Monty Taylor, a player at the college.

The second story, meanwhile, could put a more negative spotlight on the program.

In his reports, Kitchen quotes anonymous sources and former players regarding Oler’s alleged practices of setting up program-friendly academic schedules.

One former player says that nearly half of his credit hours at KCKCC were not accepted as he attempted to transfer to another college.

Though Oler is not quoted in the piece, KCKCC Vice President of Student and Administrative Services Brian Bode was. 

Bode does not dismiss the seriousness of the investigation, but questions the motives of some of the athletes involved in the investigation.

“What they’re trying to get out of it is for [Oler] to be fired,” Bode told Kitchen. “One of them, I think, is trying to get us to forgive an old debt, so he can get into school. But, you’ve got to remember, nobody was present in the room, or, in the one allegation that [Oler] paid for someone’s rent, there was nobody there except him, some player and whoever took the rent money.”

The set of stories also alleges drug-use among the players.

Oler was suspended six games during the season for violating by-laws of the National Junior College Athletic Association.

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