Friday, April 20, 2012

KCKCC Phi Theta Kappa one of top 100 international chapters

The Mu Delta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa got the frosting on the cake of a banner year at this year’s PTK international convention in Nashville, Tenn.

The Mu Delta chapter was recognized as one of the Top 100 chapters out of more than 1,200 international chapters and Stacy Tucker was awarded the Continued Excellence Advisor Award. In her 13th year, Tucker was also advisor when KCKCC was designated the No. 1 chapter internationally in 2002 which ironically was also awarded in Nashville.

The international awards come on the heels of more than 20 awards conferred on the KCKCC chapter at the Kansas Regional Convention and the election of Ramona Nelson to the position of Northern District Vice-President of the Kansas Region for 2012-13. Nelson is currently serving as a chapter officer. “Adam Shirley served as Ramona’s campaign manager and both did a fantastic job,” said Tucker.

The awards were presented to the KCKCC Board of Trustees at its April meeting Tuesday. “The lessons that I have learned about effective partnership and leadership have been more valuable than anything that can be taught in the classroom,” said Shirley, a two-year chapter officer.

“What does PTK and KCKCC mean to me?” asked Audrey Mendoza, who won the Distinguished Chapter Officer Award at the Kansas Regional. “To me it’s a future, an incredible learning experience, a second chance and a home away from home. Growing up in a not so desirable area and making not so wise decisions caused me some serious consequences.

“Because of KCKCC, I have been given the opportunity for the second chance that I needed to prove myself that all things are possible. Because of KCKCC, PTK and Stacy Tucker believing in me and pushing me out of my comfort zone, I have been able to excel in my studies, my community and most important, my family, and given a second chance to purse my dreams of becoming a social worker.”

In addition to Mendoza earning the Distinguished Chapter Officer Award, Shirley earned honorable mention for the same award.

“It’s not often you see two officers from the same chapter receive this recognition,” said Kendra Folsom.

Both Mendoza and Shirley will be continuing their careers at Park University where Mendoza has a $12,000 scholarship and Shirley at $5,000 grant while Folsom will be attending UMKC with a $2,000 scholarship,

The regional chapter awards were highlighted by the College Project, Great Idea, 5-Star Chapters, Sister Chapter and Yearbook awards and the Service Award for the Northern District which included chapter members helping in the tornado relief effort in Joplin, Mo.; workshops on self-esteem for Associated Youth Services; and the annual Christmas in the City program.

Service projects which earned the College Project Award included Carpet for a Cause, in which carpet was purchased for a needy school in Africa; Pink Ribbon Day supporting the fight against cancer; United Way, Card Blitz and the Five Days of Giving.

The Five Days of Giving also earned the Great Idea Award.

“For five days during Thanksgiving week, student members unloaded food items, worked with individuals with disabilities, distributed food at a local shelter and cooked and served meals at a local church on Thanksgiving Day,” said Tucker.

The 5-Star Chapter Award is the highest level of awards given for PTK; the Sister Chapter award was presented for Mu Delta’s work with Independence Community College; and Yearbook Award is the chapter’s first since 2000. The chapter also earned two honorable mentions for Outstanding Chapter and Honors in Action Project.

Individual awards were earned by Audrey Mendoza, Distinguished Chapter Officer; Jennifer Fratzel, Distinguished Member; Ramona Nelson, Achievement in Arts (Ceramics/Sculptures); and Janet Manson, Achievement in Arts (Painting/Drawing). The chapter’s four executive officers, Kendra Folsom, Ramona Nelson, Audrey Mendoza and Adam Shirley, earned Distinguished Chapter Officer Team awards and Stacker Tucker an honorable mention for Distinguished Chapter Advisor.

Honorable mention went to Adam Shirley for Distinguished Chapter Officer and Shirley and Janet Manson for Achievement in Arts (Photography).


PHOTO: Under the direction of (from left) Director Stacy Tucker and executive officers Audrey Mendoza, Ramona Nelson, Kendra Folsom and Adam Shirley, the Mu Delta Chapter at Kansas City Kansas Community was named one of the Top 100 or more than 1,200 international chapters of Phi Theta Kappa and Tucker was presented the Continued Advisor Excellence Award at the international convention. (KCKCC Photo by Alan Hoskins)