Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New contract proposed for KCK teachers, could receive a vote in the next week


For the entire school year, teachers inside the Kansas City, Kan., Public Schools District have worked without a new teaching contract.

That could change in the next two weeks.

After the district's teachers voted against an initial contract proposed earlier this school year, the district and NEA-KCK bargaining unit have hammered a new proposal that could receive a vote beginning late this week.

Here are some of the new details of the proposed contract.

The exact language below is copied from an email distributed by the leadership of the NEA-KCK to building representatives.

  • "EVERY returning teacher will receive a total of an $1100 raise this year. 
  • Returning teachers will receive a stipend of approximately $550
  • Approximately $550**will be added to each cell of the salary schedule (this will still only apply to returning teachers) 
  • No level movement will be granted for the 2011-12 school year 
  • Liquidated damages will no longer be assessed through the negotiated agreement. Kansas Statute will be followed, which allows the District to request the teacher's license be suspended for one year. This does not apply to people transferred by their spouse's job, military, or other situations specified by law. 
  • Regardless of the number of inclement weather days(think snow and tornado) we will not work beyond May 31. We have been operating under the TA'd calendar from December that excluded Feb. 20 and Apr. 20 as make-up days. 
  • We will hold off on reduction of mandatory evening events since some have already completed their days and it is not a great option for others to not attend things such as graduation. 
  • The teachers' bargaining unit will not participate in the disability leave buy-back plan. We will look at it and agree to the parameters for the 2012-13 school year."

A sticky point between the school district and teachers over the past year or so involved "make-up" days.

Last year, due to a very tough winter in Wyandotte County, the school district made up days that were canceled. The NEA-KCK filed an official complaint with the State of Kansas over the decision, claiming the school calendar had already built-in the required number of make-up time.

Teachers were required to work those days under the threat of receiving a reduction in pay for not teaching those days.

In order for the new contract to pass, over 50 percent of the teachers across KCK Public Schools is required to vote on it.

From that 50 percent, 50 percent plus one teacher have to say "yes to the deal in order for it to be ratified.

More details when available.