Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One firefighter taken to hospital after propane fire on Kansas Avenue

(Photo courtesy of Craig Duke, KCKFD)

One Kansas City, Kan., firefighter was injured in a fire this afternoon at Brancato's Commercial Catering Company.

The business, located at 5050 Kansas Ave., reported that a propane truck was on fire shortly after 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. Firefighters responded to the scene and discovered that a 1,000-pound propane truck was on fire.

Buildings around the area were evacuated.

"Crews on the scene within two minutes reported a large 1,000 lb. propane tank on fire, requested that all adjacent buildings be evacuated because of potential of explosion," said Craig Duke, deputy chief for the Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department. "Crews were able to get apparatus in position to cool the adjacent building to prevent extension of fire."

One firefighter was taken to the hospital as a result of heat exhaustion.

However, he's expected to recover.

A fire investigator was called out the scene and the fire remains under investigation.

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