Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weather Update: Wichita storm weakens, line of thunderstorms to hit KC by 6 a.m.


There's some good news for Kansas City residents.

After the tornadic thunderstorm cell had made a turn towards the Kansas City metro area, there was concern that it could produce a tornado in the metro.

Thankfully, the storm finally weakened after it left the Emporia, Kansas area.

Still, Kansas City should still expect some significant storms to hit the area. A line of storms that reach from San Antonio, Texas to Nebraska will slam into Kansas City by 6 a.m.

Gary Lezak of NBC Action News believes those storms will weaken, meaning the threat of a tornado is less for Kansas City. Here's his forecast for the next few hours

Severe weather is still possible, though a Tornado Watch has not been issued for Wyandotte County.