Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Firefighters rescue residents from balcony after fire


A kitchen fire at an apartment complex at 2000 N. 51st Street caused $25,000 worth of damage.

Kansas City, Kan., Fire Department Battalion Chief and public information officer Craig Duke said the fire was caused by an unattended stove that was cooking food.

No one was hurt from the fire.

The fire was reported to the department Tuesday night just after 8 p.m  Wednesday afternoon at 12 p.m.

Like the fire on Central Avenue Tuesday, Kansas City, Kan., firefighters had to rescue people from high places.

"Crews attacked fire located in the kitchen area of the apartment," Duke said. "Crews had to ladder the building to rescue residents on their balconies of the upper floors as the hallways and stairways had become charged with smoke."

While residents of the apartment complex were treated on scene for potential smoke inhalation, no one was transported to the hospital.