Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My apologies to Robert Findley and his family

Yesterday, I published a story about a car accident involving a utility truck and a trailer getting loose from it.

Following the story, Robert Findley (the driver) and a family member of his reached out to me and expressed disappointment and anger. They felt I was placing blame on him for the accident.

While I don't believe that's the case and it was certainly not my goal, let me offer a public apology to Findley and his family for the pain I may have caused them.

Whether or not the pain was directly or indirectly inflicted - I meant absolutely no malice behind it, trust me - the fact that I caused them pain after a horrifying accident makes me extremely sorry.

I offer my apologies to the family.

For now, I have pulled the story and will talk to the Kansas Highway Patrol again.

Once again - it was not my intention at all to place the blame. I was recently involved in a car accident and car accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Unless if you're texting or driving drunk, it's hard to really place blame on someone.

Any blame that may have been implied in the story is officially retracted.  

It's not my goal to hurt people in my reporting. If I hurt one person, it's one person too many.

In this case, I upset a family and for that, I express the biggest regrets imaginable.

----Nick Sloan