Saturday, May 12, 2012

Salary increase of UG commissioners to be considered at Standing Committee this week


The Unified Government's Standing Committee will be considering an agenda item that would increase the salaries of Unified Government Commissioners by $200 a month.

Since 1997, when the county and city governments were consolidated, UG At-Large Commissioners have been paid $1,200 a month and district commissioners $1,000 a month.

Under a proposal from UG Commissioner Nathan Barnes, salaries would increase to $1,400 a month for at-large members and $1,200 for district commissioners.

Also part of the proposal - commissioners would receive an annual cost of living increase "based on the average of the Consumer Price Index and the average annual increase provided under collective bargaining agreements," according to the proposed language in the agenda item.

Language in the new proposal would also allow the pay raises to start effectively after they're adopted by the board, rather than the next election as the county law currently sets.

Eight commissioners are required to repeal the current provisions.

If the item advances out of the Standing Committee meeting on Monday, the UG's Board of Commissioners would debate the item at their June 7 meeting.

The Standing Committee will meet on the 6th Floor of City Hall at 5:30 p.m. on May 14.

According to financial estimates, a $27,600 impact would be made annually on the UG budget should the item pass.

The key portions of the agenda item are below. Click the photos for a larger view of the documents.