Sunday, May 20, 2012

Should a pool or aquatic center be built at Indian Springs?


Over the weekend, a few emailers alerted me to a petition being started by Jarius Jones, a Kansas City, Kan., resident and someone who works for the Kansas City, Kan., Public Schools District.

Jones has started a petition voicing the idea for the need of an aquatic center at the Indian Springs location, located at 47th and State Avenue.

The petition, which can be found here, is looking for 5,000 signatures.

"A swimming facility with wading pools for our youngest residents, swimming pools conducive for educating citizens how to swim and of pool safety, as well as swimming pools families can enjoy are needed for the deserving members of our community," Jones writes in his petition letter.

In the letter, Jones says the Parkwood Pool in Northeast Wyandotte County has become too small to serve residents on the eastern portion of the county, while the ticket prices at Schlitterbahn are not affordable for many residents in the county.

"For decades, we have been forced to travel across city and county lines where we have poured money into other municipalities for the purpose of accessing quality swimming accommodations," Jones continues in his letter.

Just over 100 people have signed the petition.

There's currently no plans for a pool in the area.


NOTE: I link this and post this not as an endorsement (or rebuttal) of Jones' proposal, but as something that can start discussion on here. 

What do you think?