Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yoder calls for congressional pay cut

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS), who represents Wyandotte County in the Third District of Kansas, is calling for a five-percent, across the board salary cut for all members of Congress.

Yoder has introduced legislation that would cut the salaries by five-percent, along with eliminating all cost-of-living adjustments.

In introducing the legislation, Yoder says cutting the salaries by five percent would save $50 million over the next decade.

“Cutting Congressional pay is a small dent but I’m hopeful my colleagues will wake up to the fact that we need more leadership on serious issues and much less chatter about them,” said Yoder in a statement.

The salary for most members of Congress is $174,000.

The pay-cut, in the unlikelihood it passes, would result in a loss of $8,700.