Monday, June 18, 2012

Wyandotte County to have two primaries in August, more competitive races in November


With the deadline to file as a candidate for a position in the Kansas Legislature up, it's time to see how the Wyandotte County political scene will shape up over the next few months.

Along with having more competitive races in the general election, Wyandotte County will also feature two primaries in early August.

Mark Gilstrap and Steve Fitzgerald will clash for the Republican nomination in the Kansas Senate 5 race, while Pat Pettey and Mario Escobar are both seeking the Democratic Party's nomination for the Kansas Senate 6 race.

Incumbents Kelly Kultala (D) and Chris Steineger (R) will take on the winners. 

Here are all the candidates, according to the Kansas Secretary of State's Website.

All incumbents are listed in italics. The candidates are listed in the order they were featured in on the state's Website.


31st District
Louis Ruiz (D)
Tim Kelb (R)

32nd District
Mike Peterson (D)

33rd District
Tom Burroughs (D)
Tony Bukaty (R)

34th District
Valdenia Winn (D)

35th District
Broderick Henderson (D)

36th District
Kathy Wolfe Moore (D)
Shawn A. Shipp (R)

37th District
Stan Frownfelter (D)



District 4
David Haley (D)
Joe Ward (R)

District 5
Kelly Kultala (D)
Steve Fitzgerald (R)
Mark Gilstrap (R)

District 6
Mario Escobar (D)
Pat Pettey (D)
Chris Steineger (R)