Friday, July 6, 2012

Weather: Cooler temperatures on the way to Kansas City

The 100-degee heat wave may soon be ending for Kansas City.

According to the National Weather Service, Kansas City, Kan., faces two more days of 100-degree heat.

However, relief could be on the way beginning on Sunday.

Friday's high is expected to hit 102 degrees, with Saturday checking in at 103 degrees. On Sunday, the heat will come down a bit, with the high temperature forecast being 91 degrees.

Beginning on Monday, temperatures could dip down into the 80's for a solid week.

Monday's high could drop to 86 degrees. The next few days will be in the high 80's, which is still a major improvement of the last two weeks.

Wyandotte County remains under an excessive heat warning for the next two days.

Click the image below for a four-day forecast.