Monday, August 27, 2012

Burks enters no contest plea to avoid the death penalty


Adrian Burks, accused of killing four individuals in 2009, has pleaded no contest to the charges to prevent a death penalty sentence.

Burks initially entered a "not guilty" plea, but changed his mind Monday morning. 

The murders happened on Muncie Drive in late June 2009. Among the four individuals shot and killed that night in Kansas City, Kan., was a three-year-old girl, Juanita D. Castleberry-Bess.

Amanda Remmers (21 years old), James Warren (66) and Peggy Castleberry (41) were also gunned down.

All four victims were shot multiple times, according to police.

Burks agreed to four life sentences as part of his punishment.

He will be officially sentenced this October and a judge will decide whether or not he receives 25 or 50 years before he's eligible for parole.