Monday, August 20, 2012

COMMENTARY: Why are we supposed to be upset with Rep. Yoder, again?


There are reasons to be upset at our elected leaders.

The fact we have a $16 trillion national debt and the fact the United States Congress has no credible plan to eat into that debt are two reasons to be upset with all of our national politicians.

One reason not to be upset - skinny-dipping.

It was a dumb mistake for U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder to jump into the Sea of Galilee naked. That's behavior reserved for college students and young adults.

But it was harmless all around, whether you look at it from the moral point of view or the ethical point of view.

1. First, Yoder was with his wife. This is not a case of a politician doing something politicians do - fool around on his significant others. Individuals who are big into family values should not be upset with Yoder. Sorry.

2. You're allowed to swim and fish in the Sea of Galilee. While it's considered a holy site based on The Bible, people can take a dip in it or fish. This was not tarnishing a holy site or being disrespectful to religion in any way. 

The meat of the story for me was why the FBI thought this was worth investigating.

Why waste valuable law enforcement resources to investigate the dastardly, dangerous behavior of skinny-dipping? Aren't there domestic hate-groups worth investigating, instead? How about terrorism and stuff like that?

The FBI has a little too much time available based on the fact people were interviewed for this investigation.

This was a little embarrassing.

But overall, it's harmless.

On the "350 things we should be most worried about regarding Congress" list, skinny-dipping is roughly 350th on the list.