Saturday, August 4, 2012

EDITORIAL: Muncie Christian School being saved is great for Wyandotte County


It turns out miracles can happen.

Facing a $144,000 debt to the IRS, it appeared Muncie Christian School was finished. After serving Wyandotte County since 1957, many feared the school would be closed simply because raising that much money in a matter of hours was almost impossible.

It turns out there was a financial guardian angel of sorts for the school.

Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship Church agreed to purchase the school and handle the debt situation with the federal government, meaning Muncie Christian will be opened for another school year.

The situation is worth celebrating across Wyandotte County, regardless of your stance on public schools, private schools and education in general.

In a community as diverse as Wyandotte County, every aspect of the educational system needs to thrive, whether its the large public school districts, the small school districts or the private schools.

With Wyandotte County's population increasing, those educational opportunities need to be on the table to continue to help increase the population.

For students who fear bullying or need extra attention and smaller classrooms to improve their educational performance, private or Christian schools are not a bad option. Former students at the school reached out to me this week, testifying on how their experiences at Muncie Christian shaped their lives.

It may be a small segment of Wyandotte County's student body, but Muncie Christian continuing to provide a role in the county's educational system is very important.

Even better news - over a dozen staff members and nearly 100 students will not have to look for a new job or a new school so close to the school year beginning.

Friday was not just a good day for Muncie Christian School, but also for Wyandotte County.