Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google Fiber Update: Keeping track of the high schools


First of all, some good news - another Kansas City, Kan., Fiberhood has joined the club.

West Height has joined the other Fiberhoods in KCK in reaching its Google Fiber registration goals.

It joins 10 other KCK Fiberhoods in reaching the registration amount.

Of course, one of the beneficial side effects in having your Google Fiber registration goals met is the fact schools in the area will receive it for free.

In order to give you something different to read, here are where KCK's high schools stand in terms of registrations.

1. Wyandotte High School and Bishop Ward High School's Fiberhood has already reached its goal. Both were in the same Fiberhood, thus residents were able to kill two birds with one stone.

2. Piper High School's Fiberhood is just 18 more registrations away. Over 23 percent of the Piper Schools Fiberhood has registered, so there's reason to feel optimistic about Piper High School eventually matching the goal.

3. The Washington High School Fiberhood is just eight more away.

4. J.C. Harmon High School's Fiberhood is 44 registrations away, while Schlagle is 51 away and Sumner Academy is 87 away.

5. In the Turner School District, Turner High School is 121 registrations away. However, the Melrose Fiberhood is pretty large and it currently ranks 12th in the rankings list.

The entire list can be viewed here.