Tuesday, August 14, 2012

KCKPD officer resigns, pleads guilty to battery

By NICK SLOAN, NJSloan212@gmail.com

A Kansas City, Kan., police officer has resigned from the Kansas City, Kan., Police Department and has pleaded guilty to battery.

Michael Mills entered a guilty plea to the Wyandotte County Court yesterday.

Before making his plea, Mills resigned from the KCK Police Department and has surrendered his certification as a law enforcement officer, according to the Wyandotte County District Attorney's office.

Mills was given a 24-month sentence to county jail, but the sentence was suspended and he will serve 18 months of probation instead.

The former police officer will have to serve 30 days of "shock time" in the county jail and must undergo evaluations. He has also forfeited his firearm and will pay restitution for damages.

The charges stem from an incident on Christmas morning of 2011. Mills was charged with shooting a gun into an individual's car in the Piper area of Kansas City, Kan.