Thursday, September 6, 2012

BLESSINGS IN BLOGS: KCK native releases book

News Release

Kansas City, Kan., native and Sumner Academy graduate Genia M. Owens has released a new book.

Combining her love for God’s Word with her fascination for art and technology, her blogs were launched on the pages of her first book titled Blessings In Blogs: Living Effectively.

As an author with a fine arts and graphics background, no wonder Blessings In Blogs has a creative appeal.

With clever titles such as "Reinforcing the Seems," "What Was That All About?," and "I Believe That Was Yesterday," Owens carefully paints a picture as she writes her thoughts, observations, and experiences about everyday situations.

On the first page of each blog the header features original photographs by GREO Galleries Unlimited™ (, distinguishing Blessings In Blogs as a work of art.

In addition to thought-provoking topics and space for comments, also included are Biblical definitions, applicable Scriptures, and references to Bible-based websites such as Family of Faith Ministries (FoFM™) at

"With the look and flow of a website, yet the warmth and feel of a printed book, readers can experience the best of both worlds," Owens explains.

Owens describes Blessings In Blogs as a practical study guide for personal guidance and small groups — a means to touch the hearts of readers from all faiths and walks of life.

Bound in a beautiful cover that Owens designed, Blessings In Blogs expresses her belief that studying and applying the Word of God is an absolute necessity.

Blessings In Blogs is available globally in hardcover, softcover, and yes, even electronic formats. Visit for reviews.