Saturday, September 8, 2012

GUEST EDITORIAL: Diaper Need Awareness Week next week

Many low-income people struggle to provide clean, dry diapers for their children. Did you know diapers are not covered by any public assistance program like WIC or food stamps? Families sometimes have to choose between paying the rent/bills or buying diapers. Diaper Need Awareness

Week aims to draw attention to this daily struggle for millions of families, and recognize the growing number of diaper banks forming across the country to help families get diapers. Fundraisers and diaper drives will be held all over the country, and here in Kansas City, during the week of September 10th.

People who no longer rely on diapers for themselves or their family members often forget about how important diapers are in daily life. We need to remind them that children without clean diapers suffer from diaper rash and other health problems, and that an uncomfortable, wet, crying baby adds so much stress on parents already stressed because they’re struggling to make ends meet.

HappyBottoms, Kansas City’s Diaper Bank, is asking the community to get involved in spreading the message about the need for diapers, and consider doing a diaper drive or making a donation during the week of September 10th to 17th. Click here for information on how to host a diaper drive.

HappyBottoms provides diapers to 650-800 children every month through 17 partner agencies in the greater Kansas City Area. HappyBottoms has a waiting list of over 1800 children who need diapers from 20 additional agencies. The total estimated number of children who need diapers in our community is over 15,000.

To learn more about HappyBottoms or how you can help, please go to our website – or contact us at

 ---Liz Sutherlin, HappyBottoms Executive Director