Monday, October 15, 2012

Fitzgerald: "One cannot support the Democratic platform and be a follower of Christ."

Believe it or not, Wednesday night's political forum at Kansas City Kansas Community College actually may be interesting after all.

As the race did four years ago, the campaign between Kansas Sen. Kelly Kultala (D) and challenger Steve Fitzgerald is heating up.

During a presentation to the Polish American Club last week, Fitzgerald told the group he believes the Democratic Party's platform is moving away from God and the Catholic Church.

In an interview with The Huffington Post today, Fitzgerald expanded on the comments.

"My main point is that the Democratic platform and policies nationally are an attempt to redefine marriage in effect to say what Christ has said about marriage is a lie," Fitzgerald told The Huffington Post. "Christ said marriage is between one man and one woman and the Democratic platform said that it's not true. So therefore, my point was that one cannot support the Democratic platform and be a follower of Christ."

The Huffington Post also interviewed Kultala about Fitzgerald's comments last week.

Kultala, who defeated Fitzgerald in 2008, is both a Democrat and a Catholic.

"What gives him the right to put Catholics in different categories?" she asked. "I was born and raised a Catholic. He does not have the right to dismiss my faith because it is not the same as his."

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