Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KCK board celebrates top students for October

News Release

Aryan Ahir, 5th grader from T.A. Edison Elementary School, was nominated by Vickie Trutzel, Teacher Leader, Cindy Cop, Principal, Michelle Michalski, 5th grade Teacher, Lisa Sage, 4th grade Teacher, & Rose Scott, 3rd grade teacher. 

In their nomination letter, the teachers wrote: "Ryan is very polite and willing to do whatever school work is given to him.  Aryan has many fine attributes that would qualify him for this honor.  He is eager to participate in class discussions.  He comes to school each morning with a smile and usually holding his sisters hand leading her to her Kindergarten classroom."

Jonathon Lewis, 11th grader from Washington High School, was nominated by Ann Brown, teacher. 

From Brown's nomination letter:  "I am nominating Jon Lewis for his dedication to his academic achievement, for his model behavior in the classroom, and for him to receive the recognition he deserves.  On top of all of these qualities, he is a kind person.  He truly cares about his fellow classmates and they know it.  Additionally, I want Jon to know that the District appreciates him and his hard work and dedication."


PHOTO: Members of the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education recognized October Students of the Month at the October 9, 2012 Board of Education meeting.  Students honored were (left to right) Jonathon Lewis from Washington High School and Aryan Ahir, from T.A. Edison Elementary.