Monday, October 8, 2012

Larger buses deployed on Minnesota-State Avenue route

News Release: 
The Unified Government and Kansas City Area Transit Authority are deploying larger buses on the Minnesota/State Avenue route to meet growing passenger demand.

The bigger buses will hit the streets starting Saturday, October 6. Saturday service will be provided with 40-foot large buses that have a seating capacity of 40.  Current Saturday service is provided with a 30' foot bus that typically seats 22 passengers.

The Minnesota/State Avenue line, known as Route #101, provides a direct connection between Village West, KCK Community College, Indian Springs, downtown KCK, and downtown KCMO where connections to other ATA routes are coordinated.

Route #101 provides hourly trips between 6:30am and 6:30pm on Saturday and averages 860 riders per Saturday with the bus size upgrade, total seating capacity on #101 for Saturday service will be expanded from 528 passengers to 960 passengers, an 80% increase in seating capacity.

Schedule times for the Route 101 buses will change slightly beginning September 30. New schedules and a related passenger bulletin are available on the KCATA website.