Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time Warner Cable launches "Starter Internet" for school families in KCK, metro


Time Warner Cable will be launching a $9.95/month Internet service package beginning in 2013.

Plans of the program were released today by the cable company. Called "Starter Internet," many Kansas City, Kan., families will be eligible for the $9.95 cost up to two years.

“The Internet plays an essential role in the lives of Americans. Time Warner Cable is working hard to ensure that everyone has access to broadband, especially households with children who risk falling behind their peers in digital literacy,” said Perry Watson, Area Vice President of Operations for the company in Kansas City. “In this case, doing good is also good for business, as we hope this program will help families who are currently offline understand the importance of, and appreciate the benefits of, an Internet connection.”

In order to take advantage of the program, families must have a child enrolled in one of the several participating schools in KCK; have an Internet-ready computer in their home and have not subscribed to Time Warner Cable Internet within the last three months.

According to Time Warner, over 85,000 students and 190 schools will be covered by the plan. A full list of participating schools in KCK and the Kansas City metro area can be found here.

Additionally, Time Warner will be setting up WiFi Hotspots throughout the Kansas City metro area.

“Internet access is a crucial component to everyday living and commerce,” Unified Government Mayor/CEO Joe Reardon said. “This commitment by Time Warner Cable to ensure our schools and families are connected is critical to enhancing the academic success of our students and sustaining our rank as one of the best places for young people to live.”

The company is expected to add more schools into the rotation at a future date.