Thursday, December 20, 2012

BPU approves 2013 budget

News Release:
The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Board of Directors approved its 2013 Annual Budget for the municipal electric and water utility at its December 19, 2012 Board meeting.

The budget was adopted following a series of public budget hearings held during the month of December.

As outlined in the budget, priorities for 2013 include:

1) Continue to address the aging capital infrastructure;

2) Plan and implement generation resource additions with a focus on integration of additional gas generation while optimizing use of existing generation;

3) Complete implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure to improve customer service and operational efficiencies;

4) Complete the construction of and energize the new Fiberglass Substation to improve electric service to Fairfax commercial and industrial customers;

5) Complete construction and energize the Wolcott Substation and Piper/Wolcott transmission line;

6) Continue with construction of the four million gallon storage reservoir at Nearman Water Treatment Plant;

7) and continue planning for environmental upgrades to existing power generating facilities.

The 2013 budget, totaling $389.6 million, is the result of several much-needed capital projects to the utility’s aging infrastructure and a number of new initiatives to advance the utilities’ continued focus on customer service. 

BPU leadership used the recent cost-of-service study as a guide in building the 2013 budget and the new budget is within the cost of service plan.