Friday, January 25, 2013

AT&T contribution to benefit Kansas State School for the Blind

The KC Blind All-Stars Foundation, created to support the needs of children with visual impairments in this area, has received a $5,000 contribution from AT&T.

The foundation works to support projects benefiting students who are blind or visually impaired in the greater Kansas City area and statewide.

An example is the regional Braille Challenge  contest held at the Kansas State School for the Blind (KSSB) every year. Winners and their parents are supported for the trip to the national contest in Los Angeles. This past year had two  area winners.

With an environment rich in comprehensive services, education specialists, an individualized accredited curriculum, and transition planning, KSSB leads through partnerships with local school districts, parents, and community resources to ensure equal access to a high quality education for all Kansas students who are blind or visually impaired.

“Our school exists to provide schools, students and families statewide with the best possible opportunities for growth and development so that they may realize their maximum potential,” said KSSB Superintendent and KC Blind All-Stars Foundation representative Madeleine Burkindine. “We’re grateful that AT&T recognizes the value of quality educational practices and opportunities for all the children with visual impairments in this state.”

The contribution was made possible through the nomination of the AT&T Pioneers, an employee-driven public service organization that has provided support for past projects.

“We fully support the mission of KSSB as well as the KC Blind All-Stars Foundation and are honored to partner with them,” said Marvie Shoemake, life member representative with the Wy-Jo Council of the AT&T Pioneers. “We look forward to continuing to serve theses students in the future.”

“Educational opportunity is integral to the future of these students and to the future of our state,” said State Representative Valdenia Winn. “This contribution epitomizes the good that can come when corporate citizens partner with excellent public institutions to invest in the future of our communities.”