Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Four primaries to be held in KCK

There will be four primaries in Kansas City, Kan., this election season, including the biggest race of them all.

The Unified Government/Mayor CEO primary will be the headliner race, but it won't be the only race in the Unified Government that will need a primary.

Enough candidates registered for the Unified Government Commissioner races in the first district, eighth district and at-large district two to force a primary.

Candidates involved in the primaries are below:

UG Mayor/CEO

Nathan Barnes
Mark Holland
Cordell Meeks III
Ann Murguia
Janice Witt

UG At Large District 2

Thomas "T.J." Reardon
Daniel Serda
Hal Walker

UG Commissioner District 1

James Connelly
Victor A. Harris
Winfred Manning
Gayle Townsend

UG Commissioner District 8

Butch Ellison
Veronica Knight
Kendon McClaine
Jane Philbrook