Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KDOT seeking public input on bicycling, pedestrian needs

The Kansas Department of Transportation is seeking public input to help identify statewide bicycling and pedestrian needs.

Becky Pepper, KDOT bicycle pedestrian coordinator, said an online survey has been posted on KDOT’s website, www.ksdot.org, to collect the opinions and comments of Kansans. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

“The survey will help us better understand how to use limited resources for bicycling and pedestrian facilities in Kansas,” Pepper said.  “The survey is part of the Kansas Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan update to enhance transportation and related goals of safety, public health, recreation, tourism and community development.”

Survey respondents will be asked how they use and value bicycling and walking facilities and policies and whether changes are needed.

“We are interested in knowing whether there are differences in how rural, suburban and urban Kansans view bicycle/pedestrian needs,” Pepper said. “We are also surveying public agencies on how KDOT can best serve cities, counties, regional planning organizations and others to promote local objectives related to safe biking and walking.”

KDOT planners are also interested in identifying possible collaborations and cost sharing arrangements to best leverage limited resources for the greatest impact, she said. 

An 18-member Kansas Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan Advisory Board is providing multiple perspectives and guidance on this study that will completed by fall 2013. The consultant team includes the Transportation Research Institute of the University of Kansas, with Smalley Community Planning LLC., Fairway, Kansas.