Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prayer List: KCK a "dark spiritual area"

Kansas City, Kan., has made tremendous developments in the recent decade.

There's the Kansas Speedway. There's new economic development out west and in Rosedale. The Piper School District is among the best school districts in the entire Kansas City metro area.

Unfortunately, KCK also happens to be a "dark spirtual area" now - according to a new prayer list issued out by the "Kansas Capitol Commission."

Kansas Rep. Paul Davis (D) released the following image of the prayer list on his Facebook page this afternoon.

Under a section entitled "Intercessor's Challenges," there's a call for everyone to "target prayer for dark spiritual areas of Southeast Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas City Kansas, and North Johnson County."

Davis, a leading Democrat in the Kansas Legislature from Lawrence, Kan., accused the letter of being politically motivated, mentioning the fact that Democratic elected officials represent the communities.

Here's the letter below:

(Full disclosure - I'm a member of the Libertarian Party and have little use for the two major parties.)