Wednesday, March 27, 2013

KCKCC's Phi Theta Kappa chapter wins bevy of state awards

Great Idea, College Project and Distinguished Service awards were among a bevy of honors earned by the Mu Delta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) at the 2013 Kansas PTK Regional Convention in Hutchinson.

Under the direction of Stacy Tucker, Mu Delta won a 5-Star Chapter Award, the highest level for PTK for chapter programming. Mu Delta officers for 2012-13 are Kija Neal, Tyler Ross and Adriana Rodriguez, all of whom earned Distinguished Chapter Officer Team awards.

The chapter’s Pay It Forward received both the College Project and Great Idea awards.

“The project reached across the campus and Kansas region to recognize individuals who do good work in the community,” said Tucker. “Each month a committee selected three individuals to receive an award. As a chapter, we also collected 494 food items and 354 non-food items for the campus food pantry which was a huge success.”

The Distinguished Service award was presented for the many service projects completed by the chapter during the academic year. Those projects included Pink Ribbon Day, Card Blitz, Numana, United Way, Five Days of Giving, Animals for Africa, Mosaic Day Center and Christmas in the City.

In addition, the chapter won a Yearbook Award; the adoption of the Freedom School in Liberia, Africa, earned an Honors in Action Project honorable mention; and Mu Delta a Most Outstanding Chapter honorable mention.

Individual awards went to Kija Neal, Distinguished Chapter Officer; Janet Manson, Achievement in Arts (Painting/Drawing); Ryan Proctor, Distinguished Member honorable mention; and Ramona Nelson, 5-Star Competitive Edge.

Kansas Region Active Member awards went to Kija Neal, Melissa Perez, Ryan Proctor, Adriana Rodriguez, Tyler Ross, Ramona Nelson, Quincy Thomas and Iva Villagrana.