Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brownback signs six bills into law

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has signed six more bills into law, bringing the total number of signed bills to seven during the 2013 Legislative Session.
  • HB 2006 amends the Kansas Rules and Regulations Filing Act to remove Kansas from the name of the Act.
  • HB 2013 – a technical correction - deletes from the definition of perjury a reference to a provision removed from the statutes in the 1999 session.
  • HB 2022 revises the purposes for certain payroll deductions from the paychecks of private or public employees.
  • HB 2066 amends the Physical Therapy Practice Act to allow physical therapists to initiate treatment without a referral from a licensed health care practitioner for up to ten patient visits or a period of 15 business days.
  • HB 2176 authorizes the Eisenhower Foundation license plates.
  • HB 2252 extends the statute of limitations for the prosecution for rape or aggravated criminal sodomy indefinitely as well as extends prosecution of a sexually violent crime to ten years.  It also allows for prosecution of a sexually violent crime when the victim is under 18 years within one year of date the identity of the suspect is conclusively established by DNA testing or within ten years of the date the victim terms 18 years old, whichever is later.
The Governor signed HB 2019 last week.  By law, Kansas governors have ten calendar days to sign the bill into law, veto the bill or allow the bill to become law without his or her signature.