Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Downtown YMCA proposal on UG agenda for Thursday


The Unified Government Board of Commissioners will consider a proposal that would keep the YMCA facility on 8th Street open for at least six more months.

Under a proposed agreement, the UG would pay $60,000 (or $10,000 a month) for six months. An option to extend the open period an additional six months will be considered down the road by the UG.

The agreement allows for the status quo to exist - the current hours would remain, along with the staffing at the YMCA.

Funding to keep the YMCA open would potentially come from casino revenue generated by the Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway. 

Here are the highlights of the proposal, according to the UG agenda:
The YMCA will keep the 8th Street facility open and operational for the next six (6) month period with an option to extend the open period for an additional six months at the discretion of the UG

• Forty-five (45) days notice will be given by the UG before the end of the first six month period

• Ten Thousand dollars ($10,000) per month for the first six month period

• Status quo will be maintained including staff, maintenance to the building and equipment, hours of operation, and community based programming

Additional Items Requested

• The YMCA will provide the UG with any and all documentation or evaluations regarding the building conditions or inspections at the 8th Street facility

• The YMCA will provide the UG a membership roster with contact information of all current members of the 8th Street YMCA as of March 1, 2013.

• No rejoining fee for any prior YMCA member who allowed their membership to lapse within the last 60 days.

• Discount for UG employees during second six month period if applicable