Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Heritage Area requests bids for comprehensive signage master plan

Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area (FFNHA) is seeking proposals for a comprehensive signage master plan. (FFNHA) is a federally recognized region of 41 counties in western Missouri and eastern Kansas that share a common history.

More than 100 partnering organizations work together to preserve and promote that history around the struggle for freedom on the frontier.

This 31,000- square-mile area includes three interstate highways and numerous major state highways connecting the area.

The goal is to produce a clear, concise signage system that can be implemented in phases over time, can be used in grant applications to explain the project, and will be compatible with the requirements of both Missouri and Kansas Departments of Transportation.

Signage should:
  • Inform residents and visitors that they are in a nationally significant area.
  • Interpret significant stories defined in the Management Plan.
  • Graphically represent the Freedom’s Frontier brand.
  • Provide clear directions to travelers in the heritage area trying to locate sites.
The successful proposal will consider:
  • The diversity of the partnering sites within FFNHA and how to work with them to maximize participation in the signage project.
  • The complexity of designing and implementing a comprehensive plan for a heritage area located in two states, which will require: working relationships with Missouri and Kansas Departments of Transportation; surveys of road/transportation departments in 41 counties (in Kansas and Missouri) and numerous municipalities in order to comply with all relevant state, county and municipality signage ordinances; and phased implementation over a 10-year period, with a plan to include funding from federal, state, county and municipal sources, as well as from foundations and private donors.
The successful proposal will provide:
  • A comprehensive philosophy and design approach for a way-finding system for the entire heritage area, including: sign type hierarchy or sign family; sign content and design; and adaptation of the FFNHA logo for use with existing signs and proposed new locations for signs.
  • The framework for an interpretive signage program including design and fabrication concepts that will: help the organization achieve its mission to enhance the interpretation of the stories of the struggles for freedom in western Missouri and eastern Kansas and to build awareness of the importance of this national heritage area; and be used in a cooperative manner with the members of the Partnership Group.
Submitted proposals should clearly state the contact name(s) and business address of the designer or firm submitting the proposal along with a detailed statement of proposed compensation for services. All staff and/or subcontractors who would be involved in completion of the project should be identified.

Proposals submitted by firms which have not previously completed work for FFNHA or the Territorial Kansas Heritage Alliance should provide three samples of recent projects to demonstrate capabilities, and should share contact information for three clients who could serve as references.

FFNHA will evaluate factors such as aesthetics, flexibility, maintenance and initial cost as criteria for selection of a consultant and as the signage program develops.

Freedom’s Frontier reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids and reserves the right to waive technicalities where such action best serves the interest of Freedom’s Frontier. Proposals from within the boundary of FFNHA will be given highest priority.

Proposals should be submitted to Freedom’s Frontier no later than 4:30 p.m. April 19, 2013. Proposals may be submitted via e-mail to ssmith@freedomsfrontier.org or 5 hard copies of the proposal to Sonia Smith at PO Box 526, Lawrence, KS 66044.

For more information about the heritage area and its partners, visit www.freedomsfrontier.org.