Tuesday, April 30, 2013

YMCA: No cost to renew membership at 8th Street branch

With the possibility of the Downtown YMCA closing in April, some customers canceled their memberships.

However, after the Unified Government Board of Commissioners voted to provide funding to the Downtown 8th Street YMCA Branch, the branch remained open.

For those customers who canceled their memberships, there will be no cost to renew them.

Here's a note from the Save the 8th Street YMCA Facebook page:
If you have not rejoined the YMCA, do so immediately. Do not let the efforts of the UG go to waste. If you deactivated your membership, there is no fee or payment necessary to reactivate. They have a form at the front desk and you can fill it out and you are ready to go. Please contact the front desk and reactivate your membership.