Monday, May 6, 2013

160 students named to KCKPS' Superintendent’s Honor Roll

News Release

One hundred and sixty students will be recognized for their academic excellence and outstanding character at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ 2013 Superintendent’s Honor Roll Celebration.

The event will take place at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 8 in the auditorium at J.C. Harmon High School.

Students grades 2-12 are eligible to be named to the Honor Roll. Criteria include:
  • Secondary level students (grades 6-12) must achieve all “A’s” in every class for the first three quarters of the school year.
  • Elementary level students (grades 2-5) must achieve primarily a grade of “A” for the first three quarters of the school year, with no more than two grades of “B” per quarter.
  • Students may have no disciplinary infractions during the school year.

Superintendent Dr. Cynthia Lane established the Honor Roll program in 2012 to bring recognition to students who achieve excellence and serve as an example to others. The number of students being recognized this year has increased by nearly 25 percent over last year.

Students will receive a framed certificate for their achievements, and an “I Inspire Excellence” wristband. Students also will be given the book, “Inspiring Excellence: A Collection of Writings from the 2013 Superintendent’s Honor Roll Students.”

All students were invited (but not required) to submit a piece of writing for the book.

The full list of students can be viewed after the jump.

Marie Abed, Sumner Academy
Isabella Aguirre, Emerson Elementary
Lizbeth Aguirre, Ochoa Washington High
Aryan Ahir, T.A. Edison Elementary
Malac Alawad, T. A. Edison Elementary
Brianna Alexander, Rosedale Middle
Adam Alexander, T.A. Edison Elementary
Manuel Allston, Washington High
Genesis Anderson, Argentine Middle
Rebecca Anderson, J.C. Harmon High
Karina Andrade, Argentine Middle
Laniah Baker, Noble Prentis Elementary
Tatum Bell, Arrowhead Middle
Bethany Benton, West Middle
Marcelo Borrell-Hernandez, Coronado Middle
Kathryn Bowman, Arrowhead Middle
Caleb Brown, Coronado Middle
TyNiya Bron, White Church Elementary
Theodore Bynum, Sumner Academy
Emma Campbell, Sumner Academy
Seth Campbell, White Church Elementary
Rosa Cano, Claude Huyck Elementary
Ra Chelle Carroll, Claude Huyck Elementary
Jasmine Chappell, Washington High
Adena Chareunsab, Noble Prentis Elementary
Joselyn Clark, Bethel Elementary
Kaylee Cohen, Arrowhead Middle
Rey Conde, Rosedale Middle
Amaris Contreras, Hazel Grove Elementary
Nayeline Coronilla-Guerrero, , F.L. Schlagle High
Sarai Cruz Wyandotte High
Cora Jean Cunningham, Eisenhower Middle
Lynne Curts, Sumner Academy
Jalah Danks, Coronado Middle
Katya Diaz, Wyandotte High
Isla Dishman, Noble Prentis Elementary
Ayanna Dixon, West Middle
Breianna Dixon, West Middle
Princess Dixon White Church Elementary
Ailen Dunfee, Noble Prentis Elementary
Elaine Ehrhardt, Sumner Academy
Kimberly Escobar, Alvarado Wyandotte High
Savannah Espy, Bethel Elementary
Kassandra Estrada, T. A. Edison Elementary
Estefani Fernandez, Northwest Middle
Andres Fernandez-Aguilar, Noble Prentis Elementary
Clemente Fileto, T. A. Edison Elementary
Jaylynn Finch, White Church Elementary
Jordan Foote, Sumner Academy
Luis Franco-Acevedo, Douglass Elementary
Joshua Gaddy, Whittier Elementary
Jesus Galvan, J. C. Harmon High
Citlali Galves, Emerson Elementary
Jorge Luis Gamboa-Cruz, Whittier Elementary
Melissa Gaona, Coronado Middle
Lesly Garcia, Central Middle
Jackeline Gil, T. A. Edison Elementary
Alexis Gilliland, Washington High
Azariah Gillom, West Middle
Rayna Givhan, Arrowhead Middle
Isaiah Greene, White Church Elementary
Ayleen Grijalva-Pizarro, Whittier Elementary
Asia Grimes, West Middle
Haylee Grondwalski, T. A. Edison Elementary
Stephen Guerrero, White Church Elementary
Romina Guzman Sotelo, T. A. Edison Elementary
Eric Halliburton, Claude Huyck Elementary
Amanda Hawj, Rosedale Middle
Pamela Hawj, Rosedale Middle
Tony Her, F.L. Schlagle High
Laela Her, West Middle
Lotus Hernandez, White Church Elementary
Quinten Herring, Bethel Elementary
Bryan Hill, Arrowhead Middle
Steven Hoang, Central Middle
Hydee Jackson, White Church Elementary
Olivia Jones, Arrowhead Middle
Eloi Juarez, Wyandotte High
Saraswati Kharka, Wyandotte High
Jenna Knight, Stony Point North Elementary
Sarah Knox, Sumner Academy
Priscilla Kong, W. A. White Elementary
Rachel Krueger, White Church Elementary
Michael Lara-Duenas, Whittier Elementary
Bao Ka Yeng Lee, Coronado Middle
DaTara Lee, Northwest Middle
Elisshia Lewis, Claude Huyck Elementary
Zoe Locke, Hazel Grove Elementary
Noses Lor, Sumner Academy
PaChee Lor, West Middle
Alyssa Lorenz, Eisenhower Middle
Natalia Loubriel, T.A. Edison Elementary
Gerriah Lynch, West Middle
Quendrix Martinez, Emerson Elementary
Amelia Mascaro, T. A. Edison Elementary
De’Auan McClaine, Arrowhead Middle
Kaitlyn McGill, T. A. Edison Elementary
Nevaeh Medellin, Noble Prentis Elementary
Juan Medrano, Argentine Middle
Brissa Menchaca Rodriguez, Whittier Elementary
Nicole Mendoza Gomez, Noble Prentis Elementary
Cheyenne Mielkus, Arrowhead Middle
Shelbie Miller, Bethel Elementary
Trinity Miller, Eisenhower Middle
Austin Minich, T. A. Edison Elementary
Elizabeth Morales, Hazel Grove Elementary
Jayda Moss, Coronado Middle
Alonso Muneton, Central Middle
Amalia Murguia, Sumner Academy
Roselyn Nelson, Washington High
Ulises Nieto-Ceron, Whittier Elementary
Cintya Ortiz-Lopez, Eisenhower Middle
Julian Pacheco, Emerson Elementary
Carlos Padilla, T. A. Edison Elementary
Sydnei Patton, Sumner Academy
Kaliarra Peterson, White Church Elementary
Kim Sang Pham, J. C. Harmon High
Jeremy Quach, J. C. Harmon High
Salma Ramirez, Northwest Middle
Van Rem, J. C. Harmon High
Elizabeth Rodriguez, Argentine Middle
Nadia Rodriguez, Wyandotte High
Justin Lee Roland, Claude Huyck Elementary
Dania Romero, Rosedale Middle
Kasey Romo-Nieves, Coronado Middle
Diego Rosas-Aguilar, Noble Prentis Elementary
Raul Ruiz-Gonzales, Arrowhead Middle
Deneiry Salazar, Coronado Middle
Marisol Salinas, Wyandotte High
Teresa Salinas, Wyandotte High
Jeremy Sanchez, Rosedale Middle
Serena Serd, a Noble Prentis Elementary
Anaiya Singletary, Arrowhead Middle
Peter Son, Wyandotte High
Giancarlo Soto, Whittier Elementary
Lily Spudic, White Church Elementary
Kaylynn Sullivan, Noble Prentis Elementary
Reo Suttington, Coronado Middle
Eric Terrazas, Eisenhower Middle
Keonte Thompson, T. A. Edison Elementary
Van Bawi Tial, Douglass Elementary
Elizabeth Tidwell, W. A. White Elementary
Lizbeth Valdez-Leyva, Whittier Elementary
Elijah Vang, W. A. White Elementary
Laichia Vang, Eisenhower Middle
Paci Vang, W. A. White Elementary
Elizabeth Vasquez, Whittier Elementary
Elizabeth Vaughn, Coronado Middle
Alvaro Villalpando, T. A. Edison Elementary
Dulce Villanueva, Hernandez T. A. Edison Elementary
Veronica Villegas, Rosedale Middle
Carmen Villegas, Whittier Elementary
Alan Watson, Arrowhead Middle
Gracie Weiss, Argentine Middle
Julian Williams, Claude Huyck Elementary
Desiree Wright, T. A. Edison Elementary
Elena Wright, White Church Elementary
Amarylis Yang, Rosedale Middle
Chokchai Sae Yang, Hazel Grove Elementary
Isabelle Yang, Washington High
Tate Zacharias, Arrowhead Middle