Thursday, May 2, 2013

BPU introduces new "Power of Community" brand

News Release

The Kansas City Board of Public Utilities launched a new brand designed to highlight their involvement in the continued growth of Wyandotte County.

“The Power of Community is our new brand and tagline,” said BPU Chief Communications Officer, David Mehlhaff, “but it’s based on a sentiment that’s over 100 years old – the idea that BPU is much more than just clean water and reliable power. We’re dedicated to powering the growth, opportunities, and the very future of Kansas City, Kansas.”

The brand was developed, and was shaped, in large part, out of research and interviews with existing BPU customers and employees.

“We started with a benchmarking study of our customer base,” said Mehlhaff, “and then we interviewed over 20 BPU staff and board members. The insight we gathered was that customers were keenly interested in our community involvement – from our involvement in economic development, to our United Way efforts and charity golf outing. Our customers were proud of the work we do, and wanted to know more about it. We believe strongly that the new brand clearly communicates what BPU stands for.”

The Power of Community will roll out in stages, beginning with BPU communications including letterhead, business cards, and newsletters.

“But over time,” said Mehlhaff, “The Power of Community will be a part of every touch point between BPU and the community it serves, from our trucks to our water towers and beyond.”