Monday, May 6, 2013

Man who robbed KCK credit union possibly arrested in St. Joseph, Missouri


The man who robbed a local credit union in Kansas City, Kan., over the weekend may have been arrested after robbing a bank in St. Joseph, Mo.

He was arrested Monday morning in a casino in the city after robbing the Academy Bank in South Belt, Mo., according to

No one was hurt in the robbery.

Police were able to find information about the suspect's vehicle, which was a white PT Cruiser, and they tracked the man down. Information about the suspect is limited, but he's 65 years old.

They were led to the casino after learning the man had a gambling habit.

While authorities haven't confirmed a connection between the two robberies, there are similarities. 

The man in both robberies was wearing an Oklahoma Sooners hat. According to the St. Joseph Police Department, the robbery in Missouri happened in similar fashion as the KCK robbery did.

The man approached the teller with a note and displayed a gun. Just like the previous robbery, this credit union was also in a Wal Mart.

More information when available.