Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ann Murguia: KC Star "misinformed" readers in Wyandotte County


KANSAS CITY, KAN. ---- After Don Budd Jr., labeled a Kansas City Star story as "inaccurate" during his presentation, Unified Government Commissioner Ann Murguia took her turn in criticizing The Star.

This week The Kansas City Star published an article concerning Budd Jr. and Nathan Barnes' tax records, reporting that some of their business properties failed to pay property taxes.

Budd Jr., called the article inaccurate, saying his businesses have paid over $87,000 worth of property taxes. Barnes, meanwhile, said his tax issues happened after a business partner failed to pay on time. Barnes said he's up to date in paying his taxes as of tonight.

After the presentations, Murguia criticized The Star's article.

"Decency and fairness have been forgotten in the past two days," Murguia said. "Wyandotte County readers have been misinformed by The Kansas City Star."

Murguia also denied accusations that Budd Jr., was a campaign contributor.

"Don Budd is not a campaign contributor," she said. "I've never been (politically) manipulated."

According to Murguia, Holland reached out to her about the issues surrounding the two candidates. She then questioned both on the matter.

"(Nathan) acknowledged it in a honest response," she said.

She said Budd, Jr.'s issues happened after a bad investment. She later announced her support for Budd, Jr., mentioning his business history.

"Mr. Budd developed Delaware Ridge and Delaware Highlands," she said. "The tax return on that to Wyandotte County is $3 million."

"I still believe Don Budd is the best candidate."