Saturday, July 20, 2013

JOB: Media Sales Executive, Edge Media Technologies (Olathe, Kan.)

Edge Media Technologies is looking for an experienced salesperson to increase business for our network of local news Websites in Wyandotte County and Johnson County.

Edge Media Technologies publishes four Websites: The Kansas City Kansan (, The Gardner Edge (, The De Soto Edge ( and The Olathe Edge ( 

The Kansan and Gardner Edge have been in existence for nearly four years. The De Soto Edge and The Olathe Edge were soft-launched in January 2013, with a grand-opening launch scheduled for August 30, 2013. 

Together, the Websites average over 70,000 different readers each month. 

The position is commission-only, but competitive commission rates between 30-45 percent will be earned for each and every sale.

This is a position where you could work at home outside of staff-side meetings. 

The potential salesperson would also have thousands of leads available, as one-third of all economic activity in the State of Kansas happens in either Johnson County or Wyandotte County. In our four communities alone, there are at least 19,000 businesses, giving the right candidate a great opportunity to generate significant income. 

The ideal candidate would have these features:

• At least five years of sales experience, with media sales a plus. Training in digital sales is available. 

• The commitment to conduct follow-up calls. Most sales deals are closed on the fourth or fifth try in digital marketing. 

• A self-starter with a record of working independently and "grabbing the ball and running with it" when it comes to closing deals. 

• A great understanding of today's technology, particularly computers, mobile phones and social media - i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

While this is a commission-only position at this time, as our company continues to grow, a negotiated salary could be determined down the road. 

Though there comes risk with a commission-only position, there is high reward. This is a position that has high-income possibilities, combining our aggressive commission rates and the high leads already available. 

Those interested in this position should email a resume, cover letter and references to Director of Marketing/Sales Joel Johns at! Edge Media Technologies is an EOE company.