Tuesday, August 27, 2013

UG, Deffenbaugh announce new partnership

KANSAS CITY, KAN. --- The Unified Government, Johnson County and Deffenbaugh Industries have announced a new partnership for disposing yard waste.

From the UG:
Wyandotte County residents will soon have new options for disposing of yard waste in an effort to extend the life of the Deffenbaugh Industries landfill and help improve the environment. The Unified Government is working in cooperation with Johnson County Government and Deffenbaugh Industries to implement alternative ways for residents to get rid of grass clippings, leaves and branches.

Beginning Tuesday, September 3, Wyandotte County residents will be able to take their residential yard waste to the Deffenbaugh landfill in Johnson County free of charge. Residents with a load of grass clippings, garden trimmings, leaves or branches can load them up and dump them in a designated site at the landfill without paying a tipping fee. All that’s required is proof of residency in Wyandotte County. Something as simple as a driver’s license will work. Deffenbaugh cannot accept stumps, logs larger than 12 inches in diameter or items more than four feet in length. Commercially generated material will not be accepted.

Later this Fall, the Unified Government and Deffenbaugh Industries will open drop-off sites for yard waste at central locations in Wyandotte County.  The yard waste drop-off sites will be secure and monitored. Details of the program are still being worked out, but when the sites open, they will offer another easy option for getting rid of yard waste without putting it in the landfill.  The locations will be announced soon.

The Unified Government and Deffenbaugh Industries will also work together in the coming months to create a subscription-based curbside yard waste pick-up program.

Wyandotte County residents are also allowed to obtain permits to openly burn yard waste during specific times in the Spring and Fall of each year.

The goal of these cooperative efforts is to reduce the amount of yard waste going into the landfill.

All of the yard waste collected directly at the landfill, from the drop-off sites or through the subscription curbside pick-up program will be put into a composting area, not in the regular landfill.

While citizens in Johnson County are prohibited from throwing yard waste away with their regular trash, the yard waste restrictions will not be mandatory in Wyandotte County because of a recent law passed by the Kansas Legislature. But residents are encouraged to use these new disposal options to keep yard waste out of the landfill.

The Deffenbaugh Industries landfill is located in Johnson County at I-435 and Holliday Drive, just south of the Kansas River.