Wednesday, August 21, 2013

VIDEO: Three-Month-Old ‘Superglue Baby’ Thrives After Aneurysm

KU Hospital

KANSAS CITY, Kan.—  Ashlyn Jane Julian smiled, cooed and cried for her bottle just like any three-month-old in a recent visit with Koji Ebersole, MD, endovascular neurosurgeon and assistant professor at
The University of Kansas Hospital.  It’s the first time Dr. Ebersole has seen Ashlyn since he used surgical superglue to stop a brain bleed and save her life in early June.

“She looks fantastic!” Dr. Ebersole beamed as he held her. “Looking at her, you forget all those things we went through to save her life.”

Baby Ashlyn was just three-weeks-old when she was rushed to The University of Kansas Hospital with an aneurysm.  Dr. Ebersole used a micro-catheter and micro-wire to deliver a drop of superglue to her brain to seal the aneurysm stop the bleeding.

Ashlyn’s parents say she is absolutely normal.

Since 1949, medical history shows only 17 recorded cases of neonates (infant less than 4 weeks old) suffering a brain bleed.  This is the first time superglue has been used to repair an aneurysm in a neonate.

While Dr. Ebersole performed the brain surgery to save Ashlyn’s life, she remains under the watchful eye of her pediatric neurosurgeon.