Friday, September 6, 2013

Project Triumph town hall set for Sept. 9

News Release:
Project Triumph announced it will host a town hall meeting in Kansas City, KS at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Central Office located at 2010 N. 59th St. on Monday, September 9, 2013 from 5:30 to 9:00pm.  Joining Project Triumph will be several local social service and community action groups including YMCA, AARP, NAACP, and Workforce Partnership.  The event will begin with a community resource fair showcasing local agencies followed by a series of presentations from state and local elected officials.  It will conclude with a question and answer session directed to KCK elected officials.

The event will begin with a resource fair consisting of organizations that currently serve the community. Elected officials along with community organizations who represent citizens in the urban core are teaming up under what is being called a Super-Pac “Project Triumph” to present resources, listen and address issues brought forward by concerned citizens.

Speakers scheduled to appear include KCK Mayor Mark Holland, State Senator David Haley, BPU Commissioner Bob Milan, KCKPS School Board President Dr. Evelyn Hudson and UG Commissioner Tarence Maddox. Project Triumph, a coalition of various KCK agencies, will host the event to raise awareness in the community concerning available social services, to increase membership in local community groups, to increase civic engagement and to address citizens’ needs by allowing them a forum to exercise their First Amendment rights.  The group’s hope is that through such efforts elected officials will unite for the good of the citizens they serve. In recent years, there have been major changes taking place in local and state government and citizens deserve to know what these changes are and how they may be affected.

Citizens will have the opportunity to hear presentations from the Unified Government, Board of Public Utilities, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, KCKPD’s Community Policing and the Kansas City Kansas Community College.  Most elected officials and citizens would agree that the urban core has a lot of room for improvement. The bigger issue is where to begin and which areas should be prioritized. For new voters, the event will also provide an opportunity to get to know one’s elected officials.

Elected officials will hear directly from citizens during the question and answer period. KCK elected officials who serve on local school and government boards will address individual and group concerns. Organizers say the event is long overdue in WYCO.  Project Triumph is expecting a great turnout. The elected officials participating in this event have shared that they would like to be a part of any effort to engage citizens in their community.  While the event has been largely publicized on the Internet, event organizers hope to draw both new and experienced voters. The meeting is open to the public.

When public servants unite to serve and present resources and services that tax payers want we all “TRIUMPH”!