Thursday, September 12, 2013

UG Ethics Commission issues Memorandum of Public Censure on Tarence Maddox

KANSAS CITY, KAN. --- Unified Government Commissioner Tarence Maddox was issued a Memorandum of Public Censure today by the Unified Government's Board of Ethics.

The memorandum was issued due to Maddox violating the Ethics Code provisions relating to "prestige of office" and "prohibited and permitted political activity."

The censure stems from recent incidents involving Maddox, who was arrested at LEGOLAND in Kansas City, Mo. 

However, the complaint also mentions various other incidents involving the commissioner. 

According to the memorandum, which can be found here (PDF):
  • The Ethics Administrator received multiple complaints about Maddox attending a visitation for a deceased student. He advised the family he was going to hold a fundraiser. However, the family did not receive any money. 
  • In January 2012, Maddox was stopped by the Kansas City, Kan., Police Department after he called police about another vehicle following him. A police report indicated that he was "irate" and "threatened the other driver," including threats about a "black mafia." 
  • Later in the same month, Maddox also told a KCK police officer that he would go to the UG's legal department to have a speeding ticket "fixed." According to the memorandum, the UG Legal Department refused to fix the ticket. 
  • Maddox was also cited for donating more than $25 to a mayoral candidate and for publicly endorsing a candidate. 
  • The memorandum also said during a March 2013 meeting with the UG Ethics Administrator, Maddox showed "no respect" for the UG Ethics Code. In April 2013, another copy of the UG Ethics Code was mailed to Maddox. 
  • Earlier this summer, Maddox was arrested at LEGOLAND. NBC Action News obtained a video of the incident. 
As a result of the censure, Maddox is prohibited from doing four things:
  • Using his name or title as a UG Commissioner for his own "private purposes or those of another in the future."
  • He's prohibited from having any a "license tag representing himself as a UG commissioner."
  • He's prohibited from using the UG Legal Department of representation of assistance in his own "personal matters."
  • Maddox must attend a "Basic Ethics" class training within 60 days. 
The UG offered no further comment about the situation.