Thursday, December 19, 2013

BPU approves 2014 budget

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- The Board of Public Utilities approved its 2014 budget this week.

The budget for the upcoming year totals around $375 million, which is less than the 2013 budget of $398.6 million.

More information from BPU:
As outlined in the budget, priorities for 2014 include: 1) Remaining focused on the needs of customers through increased communication and improved business practices; 2) Delivering reliable electric and utility service through use of innovative, advanced technology, enforcing reliability standards for all transmission and distribution system components; 3) Ensure funding for the Nearman Air Quality Control project; 4) Providing good quality and a reliable water supply to the community, including continued construction of the 4 MG water reservoir at Nearman Water Treatment Plant; 5) Promoting energy efficiency through customer education; 6) and develop a stable financial position utilizing best utility business practices to maintain and improve bond ratings.

BPU will continue working to improve internal efficiencies and reduce costs, assist and support community partners and governmental units, and meet and prepare for future customer growth.