Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GUEST COLUMN: Haley previews 2014 Kansas Legislature session

By Kansas Sen. David Haley

A host of issues to be up for debate this session

The 2014 Session of the Kansas Legislature commences Monday, January 13, at the now completely remodeled State Capitol Building in Topeka.

This being my 20th year in the Legislature (six years in the Kansas House of Representatives, 14 years now in the Kansas Senate), I am once again privileged to offer an overview of potential issues to be considered that may not only be of interest to Wyandotte Countians (in the Fourth Senate District) but to all Kansans.

The Wyandotte Legislative Delegation hosted a Public Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, January 7, at the Kansas City Kansas South Library in Argentine.

Although this article was prepared prior to the meeting, I believe some of the issues to be discussed are ones that will be prevalent in Topeka.

They include, but are certainly not limited to:
  • Affordable Care Act application and connectivity (e.g. Medicare expansion, etc.);
  • Voter registration;
  • Food stamp reduction impact;
  • Unemployment insurance timetables;
  • Minimum wage requirements;
  • Prison overcrowding alternatives, including potential revamping of criminal codes;
  • Death penalty abolition;
  • School finance restructuring for USD500;
  • New laws in effect such as concealed carry in public buildings, suspended driver’s license reinstatements; and,
  • Medical marijuana.

As always, you may have recently received my NEWSLETTER in the mail and will be sent periodic legislative updates by mail.

If you would like to be added to the Fourth Senate District’s mailing list OR to receive electronic mail updates, just email my office at david.haley@senate.ks.gov or call 785-296-7376, after January 13.

Please remember that I continue to consider it both an honor and a privilege to serve you and to be your voice on state affairs in Topeka.

Happy 2014!


Senator David Haley represents the 4th Senate District which comprises most of the center and eastern half of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas. The only Democratic attorney in the Senate, he serves as Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary and on the Kansas Sentencing Commission.