Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow clean-up costs Kansas $3 million

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- Kansas Department of Transportation snow crews plowed and treated 565,000 lane miles of highway during last week’s snow storm at a cost of nearly $3 million.

KDOT drivers operated 591 trucks around the clock in 12-hours shifts to treat and clear roads of snow and ice in every region of the state. About 1,100 snow plow operators logged more than 37,000 hours from Feb. 3-6.

“The snow amounts, wind and frigid temperatures made this a dangerous storm for our crews. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication in keeping the roads safe for travel,” said Transportation Secretary Mike King. “I also want to thank the many others at KDOT who supported the storm efforts, including mechanics, office staff and those who helped keep travelers informed of road conditions,” he said.

Winter Storm Nika by the numbers:
  • 591 Dump trucks
  • 565,000 Miles treated/plowed
  • 37,000 Labor hours
  • 8,600 Tons of salt
  • 1,300 Tons of sand
  • 19,500 Tons of salt/sand mix
  • 345,000 Gallons of brine
  • 2,000 Gallons of magnesium chloride
  • 500 KDOT postings to Twitter and Facebook
  • 8,200 Calls to 511 travel information phone line
  • 117,000/895,000 Visits to and page views on KanDrive travel information website
  • $3 million Cost of storm – about $ 1.15 per registered vehicle.

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