Friday, February 28, 2014

TODAY'S POLL: Do you believe UG Commissioner Tarence Maddox should resign his seat?

From NBC Action News 41:
Commissioner Tarence Maddox, who infamously threw a temper tantrum at Legoland last summer, was caught on video again. This time, the elected leader threw his title around and made threats to an employee at a Kansas City, Kan., gas station.

Surveillance video obtained by 41 Action News shows Maddox entering the BP gas station at 5th and Minnesota on January 27.
Maddox' latest controversy has lead some in the community to call him to resign his seat.

Do you think Maddox should resign? Take our poll by clicking this link. 

(Sorry for the additional link. Usually I'm able to post these polls in the story themselves, but there's a technical bug I'm still trying to figure out.)