Tuesday, March 4, 2014

State officials remind residents that marijuana is indeed illegal in Kansas

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- Colorado, the State of Kansas' neighbor to the west, legalized marijuana.

Kansas has not.

However, apparently some residents in Kansas believe marijuana purchased in the State of Colorado can be brought to Kansas without leading to an arrest.

This led Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt to issue out a reminder today that marijuana is illegal in the state - and that Kansas is ready to prosecute it.

“With the recent coverage of ‘marijuana tourism’ since our neighbors in Colorado legalized marijuana under their state law, we wish to remind Kansans that the possession, sale or use of marijuana is still a crime in Kansas," Schmidt said. "Kansas law enforcement has seen and seized marijuana acquired in Colorado and brought illegally to Kansas. We remind Kansans never to bring marijuana into Kansas from Colorado. Doing so is a crime, and Kansas still enforces its law.”

There was no word on whether or not marijuana purchased in Kansas would lead to an arrest in Colorado.