Thursday, April 3, 2014

RSVP Volunteers honored for their service to Wyandotte County

By Cathi Hahner, Director of Volunteer Services at the United Way of Wyandotte County

On March 27, the United Way of Wyandotte County honored the more than 180 RSVP volunteers that serve in Wyandotte County.

These volunteers contributed more than 20,000 hours working in non-profit agencies, nursing homes, schools and governmental offices. They help as tutors, work in the office, greet clients, sew comfort items, help stock food pantries or visit with the sick and lonely.

These volunteers range in age from 55 years old to nearly 100 years of age. In fact, 20 volunteers over the age of 90 were given special recognition for their contribution to our community.

They are Helen Ambrose, Marlan Amrein, Ruth Bartkoski, Oleta Bogard, Eileen Dechant, Katherine Gonzalez, Meryle Hotujac, Irene Kyle, Anna Landauer, Christine Magana, Norene Mealman, Johnella Newton, Kathryn Osburn, Lorraine Proctor, LaNelle Radcliffe, Ruth Schultz, Charlotte Stack, Sylvia Tate, Mary Evelyn Taylor and Alice Zimmerman.

These volunteers are proof that those who volunteer live longer as a recent study indicated.

Seven RSVP members were awarded with the RSVP Lifetime Achievement Award which is given to volunteers that have recorded over 7,500 hours of service.

Those honored include: Oleta Bogard, Betty Jean Doughty, Madelyn Fotovich, Brenda C. Jones, Mabel Shutt and Norma Jacob who has recorded over 30,000 volunteer hours.

The Wyandotte County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program promotes volunteerism in those 55 years and older through recruitment, placement and training.

If you are over 55 and like to volunteer, please contact Emily Worm at 913-371-3674 ext. 1321 or at