Friday, May 9, 2014

Crane Receives KCKCC Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year Award

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- Rob Crane was surprised when his name was announced as the Kansas City Kansas Community College’s Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year Award winner.

“I didn’t know that I was even nominated,” said the director of the KCKCC Wellness & Fitness Center. I really appreciate it. This is a fantastic gesture.”

Crane received the award during the annual KCKCC “Employee Recognition and Retirement Dinner” May 2. The award is given to one staff employee each year based on several criteria.

These include consistently demonstrating excellence in the performance of job duties; exhibiting a high level of leadership and successful interpersonal relationships with students, other employees and the public; making significant contributions toward reaching the college’s goals and objectives; positively reflecting credit on KCKCC whether or not the employee’s performance and achievements fall entirely within the scope of normal duties; demonstrating outstanding service provided to the college community; demonstrating an ongoing desire for professional improvement and exhibiting creativity and innovation in professional endeavors.

The nomination pointed to Crane’s contributions while at KCKCC and his “positive performance, creativity and innovations.” It specifically mentioned his research into creating healthy communities, moving forward a request for KCKCC to move toward a “Smoke Free Campus.”

This research includes collaboration with several outside agencies including the Wyandotte County Health Department, the KCKCC Wellness Committee and A Tobacco Free Kansas, among others.

“Rob exhibits exceptional determination in supporting the colleges’ health initiatives by collaborating with local health agencies and non-profit organizations to assist the College and Staff Senates goals, of becoming a healthier institution for our employees, students and the community at large,” said a colleague in the nomination form. “Rob continues to engage in endless hours of research and attending educational forums, meetings and other events that enhances his knowledge of healthy communities and shares his materials.”

Crane has been at KCKCC for almost 19 years – four years as a part-time employee and almost 15 years in a full-time capacity. He completed his University of Kansas internship for a bachelor’s degree at KCKCC in the fall of 1995 and was then hired on as a part-time staff member.

“I do my best by leading by example, and I would never ask anyone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself,” he said. “It is really easy to get over extended in trying to do too much, so I have been fortunate enough to have a great staff to delegate some responsibilities to and for them to take the initiative several of the things we do from our newsletter and incentive programs to the events we sponsor.”

Crane said to receive the award is a “remarkable feeling and truly an honor.”

“It is very satisfying to receive recognition from fellow colleagues for the things that I have been doing on campus,” he said. “A few years ago, my co-worker Ron Wollenhaupt was in the process of nominating me for this same award.  However the computer system timed him out by the time he submitted the nomination, therefore it didn’t go through by the deadline. I came close before so winning this award now makes it even better.”