Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LINK: Another KCK graduation controversy at Turner High School

KANSAS CITY, KAN. ----- Last week, seniors at Washington High School protested during school hours after changes were made to the school's graduation ceremony.

Now, five students at Turner High School will not be allowed to walk following a food fight.

NBC Action News reports that five students at Turner High School will not be allowed to walk at the school's graduation ceremony after a food fight escalated last Friday.

While a cell-phone video shows that dozens of students were involved in the fight, only five were punished.  According to the school district, the five were punished after an investigation was carried out.

Statement from the school district:
“There was a food fight at Turner High School last week deemed to be a “senior prank”. Turner High School administration identified the students responsible for planning and carrying-out the event. Consequences were issued in accordance with district policy. Senior students are regularly reminded that participation in activities which cause disruption to the environment will jeopardize participation in the Turner High School graduation ceremony. This event caused not only disruption to the school environment, but posed significant safety concerns for other students. We regret the impact that these students’ choices may have on family members hoping to witness the graduation ceremony.”
Click here to watch the story from NBC Action News.